Maddy Myer

Publicity coordinator and freelance writer



I am currently a full-time graduate student at USC Annenberg and a full-time publicity coordinator for Impact 24 PR, a full-service entertainment PR agency representing behind-the-camera/curtain talent on TV shows and films. I love to write and continue to freelance in my spare time.I love music and am an avid concert-goer, so I oversaw a music artist's social media fanbase for over two years, learning how to fundraise, increase fan engagement and artist recognition. The highlight of this experience was being interviewed by Paper Magazine for my successful fundraising for @blackpinkfunds.I also am passionate about sports, which is why my mentorship experience with the Saints and Pelicans and recent USC Maymester experiences were invaluable to me. Some of my biggest strengths include my ability to work individually and with a team, my ability to multitask, my organization and time management skills and my strong work ethic. My niche interests include professional wrestling, basketball, K-pop music and action movies from Indiana Jones to The Karate Kid, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man and everything in between.The highlights of my experiences so far were securing an exclusive placement with Variety announcing a Cobra Kai concert, securing a New York Times, Good Morning America and CBS New York story during Tony Award season and securing a Rolling Stone interview via their Twitch channel. I have also had the opportunities to interview NBA star Elfrid Payton, Olympian Morgann LeLeux, Actor Anthony Keyvan and K-Pop music groups P1Harmony and BLACKPINK which were absolute dreams come true. I would love to work in the sports and entertainment PR world for years to come.



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